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#womenswednesday -

Can a Female Coach take a year out?

Our third topic in the #womenswednesday series is one that has brought about quite a bit of discussion already and one that I am sure we have all considered or been through at some point in our coaching careers. How does a female coach take a year off coaching and then come back?
* Have you taken a break from coaching to start a family and found it hard to come back?
* Has starting a family changed the way you coach young people?
* Have you taken a step back from coaching and are now looking to come back and need some advice?
* Have you ever taken a break from coaching and why?
* Are you considering taking a break from coaching due to personal commitments?

Sample of Key Comments

Handball Coach via Forum

“I have been an inactive coach for a number of years, mainly because I didn’t commit my time because of work and my home life.  The thought of returning to coaching used to scare me as I felt like I had been out of the game too long so to speak and I would say “Who would listen to me anyway?”
I am now involved with a great club and I have completed my Level 1 assistant coach award but I still have this element of self doubt when it comes to coaching. Handball is a sport myself I am new to and I still feel my knowledge of the game is by no means good enough to be leading a session on my own.  I have taken baby steps and started to lead the warm ups which has given me that boost in terms of my confidence. However I still feel the next step are beyond my reach…
I’d love to hear from other female coaches who have been in a similar situation and if they can offer any advice that would be great!”

Sprint Coach via Forum

“I have recently decided to take a year out for family reasons and have had to send my athletes to other coaches, and due to egos in track and field, I will not be getting them back.  So, after 7 years of building up a squad of track athletes, I will have to start from square 1 if I wanted to come back, which I am not sure I will now..”

Cindy via Forum

“Taking time out to have my daughter made me a better coach. Before I was one I was “afraid” of parents. Now I relate differently to the challenge of supporting a sporting child. I have to manage my time well to be great coach and Mum. To be honest every summer after my annual leave I always feel a bit nervous and doubt myself but once I get started it comes naturally and I remember why I love coaching young people.”

Sarah Standen via Twitter

“I now empathise with pushy and over protective parents, as I realise I this is me too at times! #WomensWednesday.”

Coach Carly via Twitter

“I agree becoming a mum makes you definitely see some things differently! #WomensWednesday.”

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