The imbalance of male to female coaches on coaching courses.


This weeks topic for #womenswednesday is: The imbalance of male to female coaches on coaching courses.

* Have you ever been in the minority on a coaching course?
* How did you feel?
* Were you discriminated against, patronised or joked about as the only woman (or one of few women) on the course?
* Did you thrive in the male dominated environment?
* Do you prefer women only courses?

Sample of Key Comments

Louise via Forum

“This is a tough one.  I must admit, I did feel more comfortable in a womens only coaching course, but, my sport cannot function without men.  I coach boys and I also work alongside other male coaches.  The only thing I found in a mixed course where I was one of only 2 women, I was not listened too and the male egos took over the day.”

Sarah via Forum

“I think its a big test for anyone in the minority to hold their own in an environment such as a coaching course.”

Ute Scholl via Forum

“A good topic this week! On fencing courses and generally CPD courses there are usually more men than women. I think with time I got used to be in the minority. As I am coaching both males and females, I enjoy having mixed courses as it adds male perspectives. On courses I have not experienced discrimination because of being female.”

Coach Julie via Forum

“Female instructors on a coaching course can make a huge difference.  I did an athletics course with 2 female instructors and it was great.  If more effort went into finding female instructors then maybe an increase in female coaches would follow?”

Coach Quam via Forum

“I coached college swimming in the US & definitely felt like a minority at many coaching conventions I attended.  These conventions were large enough and there were enough women that attended that the organizations added in a “women’s luncheon” on one of the days of the convention.  At first only women attended, and then these slowly opened up to men who also coached women so that they could learn a thing or two, and/or show support to women who coach.
I’ve started facilitating some coaching summits/retreat weekends specifically for women coaches to come together and found them to be quite helpful. These weekends are something extra from any other coaching conventions, courses, or coach training. I think it gives female coaches a chance to come together to share their stories, collaborate, and get support. I’ve definitely had many people outside suggest that they are about male bashing – because they are all women…but they aren’t. They aren’t about that at all.  These weekends have also given these different groups of coaches time to empower one another to see what they could come up with as a group to promote more women in coaching and handle specific issues that come up..”



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