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The problem with Sport in the UK…

The problem with sport in the UK is ?Sports Development?.? Millions and millions of pounds of tax payers money is flooded into national governing bodies and sports development organisations to increase participation, educate coaches and raise the overall standard of national sport.


Sounds a good idea? However, the problem begins with the culture within the field of sports development and administration.? Thousands of people across the Country, many of whom have no real passion for sport, coaching or volunteering decide how thousands and millions of pounds are spent as they dictate to the millions of people who give up their lives for sport, how they should run their clubs and deliver their sessions.

Now, don?t get me wrong, there are some tremendous people within sports development ? people that are so passionate about sport that they volunteer and go the extra mile themselves.? There are a high percentage of people who love sport, who take part in sport and really do want to see an improvement in their chosen sport.? But there are also a large number of these ?officers?, ?administrators? and ?activators? that waste their budgets on expenses, company cars, 5 star hotels, expensive conferences and extravagant meetings.? People with little experience or passion for the the World of sport given the task of dictating sports development.

This wasted money needs to be better managed and the ?power? of sport needs to be taken away from these officers and given to the millions of people that take part in sport every week.? Let the people who give up their lives to coach others control the budget ? if a team needs new kit, give it them, if a coach needs a funding to support their coaching, give it to them!

Sport cannot be improved by simply ?ticking boxes? and hitting targets.? Sport is people lives, their passion and many give up every spare penny and minute they have.? Ask coaches and clubs what they want, don?t tell them!

Sport in the UK needs to be treated with more respect and we need to look at what athletes, coaches and players truly need, not what an organisation tells them what they need.

Thank you to all sports administartion staff that do a great job, becuase there is a lot of great work out there

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