Ignorance is Bliss…


If you don’t think it’s a problem don’t make it one…

My first coffee of the day is spent outside in my garden away from technology and distractions, I like to remind myself that for all our advancements in the World there’s nothing more rewarding than nature. My second coffee however, is sat in front of technology playing catch up with our frantic World. This is where the FCN comes in. It has be become a part of my morning ritual and one I will have for the foreseeable future. I love the message, vibe and positivity of it and see it as another way of reminding myself the good in this World.

But something struck me this morning, despite its powerful support for female coaches I have never actually encountered a problem being a female coach. I’m in my maturer years now and blessed to still be living my passion but I hadn’t really reflected on the problems I’ve encountered before. Now don’t get me wrong there have been many hurdles (excuse the pun) to tackle but as far as I can recall none have come from being female.

This hasn’t stopped me falling for the FCN in a big way though as I see it as not looking at the problem but working towards the solutions, something I want to be a part of! But I did make me think…

Ignorance my well be bliss at times. If you don’t see being a female as a problem in coaching then don’t let that paradigm form, remain that way! It’s not to say you won’t ever succumb to sexism or the mystical ‘overlooked’ syndrome but don’t let the idea build in your head that being a female coach is a problem.

If you’re in that rare and fortunate position then your mission is to support this website, support its message and support the thousands out there that need it.

Thank you for reading and everyone keep up the great work!





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