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#womenswednesday -

How can the FIFA World Cup be used to raise profile of female coaches?

?How can coverage of events like the FIFA Women?s World Cup help to raise the profile of women in top coaching roles and help others to aspire to reach this level??

Responses on #womenswednesday

Ash Callaghan: Women and Girls Development Officer?(Australia)

from my perspective increased profile would help attract/inspire new coaches and retain/inspire current coaches…i think key = finding stories behind each of the coaches, stuff that media will give coverage to (& others will spread…)

Lauren Meehan: Founder of the Female Coaches Advocacy (USA)

May be hard to tie women coaches w/ changes in coaching at lower levels- easier to be inspired by a Marta than a Pia just from TV?

For me,full impact of coaching’s benefits comes from seeing players learn… hard to pick that up from seeing coach on TV sideline.

It fuels extra coverage which is a positive, especially when we can read about someone like Vanessa Arauz

Claire Robinson:Sunderland FC GCOEx Tech Director?(UK)

Must initiate raising profile … Yes it currently is used to proactively aim for more players but we need workforce

Natalie Curtis: Kent FA (UK)

it’s been good to see female coaches from other countries & learn about their story! Coaching roles are bigger than England!

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