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#womenswednesday -

Why do you coach?

Welcome to #womenswednesday;?a weekly online discussion with female coaches from around the World!

In partnership with?Project 500?in the UK, we pose a topic every Wednesday for to join in and send us your thoughts and experiences?via twitter or our online coaches forum. ?Since it began back in October 2014, ?thousands of coaches have taken part and shared their thoughts about everything from gender stereotyping, coach education and even sports bras! ?To see old topics and discussions, please?CLICK HERE


This week, we want to ask a simple question ??Why Do You Coach???As we all know, coaching is a huge life-style commitment! ?It takes time, money and energy to be in charge of a team or athletes, to keep on top of the latest coach information, to attend workshops and courses and juggle everything outside of coaching too! ?Oh and not to mention the exhaustion of match day! ?So why do we all do it?

We would love to know what keeps you motivated to coach and why you as an individual make so many sacrifices in your every day life to continue coaching.


Answers from twitter & FCN forum

Kathy Butler:?To share my knowledge and passion for my sport. To help people get what they can and want from their running.

Wendy Russle:?Hard to single 1 out.The smile on a face when they get it!Which changes there belief in self. So many more I add!

Kate Galloway:? I coach in the belief that everyone deserves support to reach their potential.

Lousia Arnold:?so many reasons I coach, a big one is seeing the smiles & hearing the laughter as players become friends!

Andrea Miller:?Love to be surrounded by highly driven ppl, unabashed dreamers. Love the problem solving. Ultimately, though, about relationships.

Sarah M’Grady: to see smiles on girls faces & to be able to raise confidences amongst them when they realise they can do something

Natalie Curtis:? it has & always will be to help others fall in love with sport for life!

Manisha Tailor:?Because it allows me to full-fill my purpose in the game & provides a vehicle of release for me as a carer?

Bianca Thomas:?I love seeing people do well. I love teaching people to understand their own bodies and take their own responsibility for that

Jazz Hervin:?The ultimate = To support the nations best players.

Coach Amy:?B/c pure joy when young athletes feel benefits of skill mastery, see confidence & esteem fuel tank rise

Rhian Todd:?to provide opportunity. If you can make one person believe in their potential they will be set for life, not just in sport.

Melissa Hyndman:?I Coach cause Im PASSIONATE about Sharing & Learning knowledge to become a better Coach then I can help Athletes fly

Lois Fidler:?really thought about this &4 me its really simple.Enjoyment! Rewarding,engaging,Inspiring, challenging.With JD like that, why not!

Asheesha Maya:?what keep me motivated to coach is the participants & the love for the sport. ? For the love of the sport. To inspire & support others. Make dreams & reality To become a more successful coach.?

Julia West:?For that moment when you see it click… I hope to make a difference no matter how small!

Amy Tailor:?“to learn, to engage, to connect, to see light bulbs sparkles, to grow people.”

Ashely Berge:?I want to say because I’m selfish ?I love what I do.? But also in hope of offering what the sport has contributed to my life &…?The responsibility you feel when you’re in a position to make a difference.

Kim Everist:?Passion for developing the whole female athlete, and for my sport.

Ute Scholl:?Because:?
1. I love fencing and coaching and am passionate about coaching my favourite sport?
2. I love to see and help other people achieving?
3. I love to work with people?
4. I love to see other people having fun while working hard!?

Carmen P:?I think it’ll be fun to follow my daughter’s journey in ringette (and/or hockey) if she decides to stick with it.?
The biggest reward thus far has been seeing the girls I work with pick up new skills.?
Right now I have one kid that I have been working with for weeks to try and get her to do “cross-cuts” (in skating that is one foot over the other as you make a turn both forwards and backwards). She complains a lot, but she has started doing them… I hope by the end of the season this translates into better things for her!?
It’s a small victory for me and a big step for her.

Track Coach:?Because it’s the only things I do that I am good at, confident about and passionate about. It’s who I am.







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