How do you make your coaching sessions unmissable?


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This week we want to ask you how you retain your athletes
& players and make sure they are motivated to keep training.  Competing is the exciting part of sport, but for many young athletes, training 2/3 times a week can get boring, so we want to know what tricks and traits you put into your coaching sessions to make them unmissable for your young players.

  • How do you make sure your athletes keep turning up to training?
  • Do you have an attendance record your players have to reach to be chosen for the team?
  • What philosophies do you embed into a team to make sure they work hard in training?
  • Do your players just turn up regardless without any specific strategies for attendance?


Answers from twitter & FCN forum

Jools Murray – By showing the athletes my own buy in into their training by attending their technical sessions.

Erica Quam – Begin w/ gratitude, connect w/ them as people, empower them to recognize each small step towards their goal, emphasize

Sion Kitson –  in teams where players have different levels of commitment or personal goals it can be an issue for team selection

Carla Nicholls – Create an atmosphere of excellence-coach/athlete/administrators accountability & common goal-be the best u can be. it’s contagious

Shireen Ahmed – Include everyone. Make is enjoyable. Ensure the drills are a bit different.

Amy Hollinghsworth – Make it relevant! Create joy being together

Jazz Hervin – We train as we play on game day. Competitive. Enjoyable – Tempo. Started with a team activity lead by a player.

Kat Browne – Play hard, train harder!

Sarah M’Grady – I’m with U10 girls so Fun & Friendly – got to be no 1, they love their team, & all that goes with it.. the work then just happens

Ashely Berge – simple. By always getting players/athletes 1 step closer to their goal.

Melissa Hyndman – Easy, make them fun, inspiring & most importantly challenging. This motivates the athletes to “want” to be better

Annie Z – 1)have a aim 2)make it simple 3)make it fun

Siobhan Urquhart – cake and camaraderie

Coach W – I like to think its because of me.  I have built a great coach – athlete relationship with my athletes and they all respect em enough to work hard and keep working towards their goal because they all know I want them to achieve their best.

Ute Scholl – The training sessions are a mix of play, fun, challenge and hart work. I usually throw a ball in at the beginning of the session and see what will develop from that for the first 5-10 minutes. This is completely student let. I use circuits with all the stuff I find around the gym, so is always a bit different but also challenging. Fortunately fencing is a technical discipline so there is enough to draw from to give a variety each technical training session. I incorporate problem solving, which my students enjoy a lot.  At the end of the general and technical part of the training everyone is looking forward to the freeplay.
I summary:
– Play
– Fun
– Variety
– Challenge
-Hard work
– Student let activities
– And at the end something everyone is enjoying a lot



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