Holding Yourself Accountable


Jools Murray 2Jools Murray is an accredited Strength & Conditioning coach from Canada and has worked with some of the World’s best athletes in the UK and her home country.  Currently working at the University of Toronto, (Canada) with a number of sport, Jools previously worked with the  English Institute of Sport whilst studying for her Masters in S&C, as well as coaching the U23 GB Ultimate Frisbee Team.  

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Are you actually doing what you know you are capable of or have you fallen into the trap of being satisfied with a mediocre representation of your potential?

I have recently been on a 2 day conference, and had one of those moments when I realised I am not being honest with myself. I am not holding myself accountable for my coaching and the impact/lack of impact I Paperam having on my athletes. It was one of those times when you know you know something, but for some reason you aren’t doing it; and let’s face it, this reason is probably a lame excuse. A bit like, when you are trying to cut fat, but eat that doughnut anyway. When you are responsible for your own development but then a month has gone by and you’ve not done a single thing to expand your understanding. 

I felt so ashamed and frustrated with myself. Why haven’t I been stronger at backing myself and working to produce the sessions/create the environment I know I want to be recognised for? I have attached my thoughts I quickly wrote down during the last part of the day as a way of trying to force myself to be accountable for my coaching. If we demand constant focus and attention to detail from our athletes, does that not mean the same for us and our responsibility of our sessions?

I would encourage any coaches out there to remember to not just expand their knowledge, but also spend some time every now and then reflecting on their choices. Be brutally honest with yourself.



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