5 Tips for Boosting your Confidence….




Give yourself the best chances to succeed and raise your confidence levels with a few tricks I practice in every day life.

1.Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Too often we focus on the ‘what if’ or worry about everything that could fail, but if we really thought about it, what is the worst that could happen.  If you have a question to ask someone, just ask – whats the worst that could happen?!  If you want to try out a new tactic in training, try it – whats the worst that could happen?!  If you want to go on that coaching course to progress your career, do it – whats the worst that could happen!  If you spent all your time worrying ‘what if’, we would never get anything done!  So next time your are up against a decision – think, whats the worst that could happen, and then do it!


2. Visualise the Outcome

There are some people that believe that true visualisation can create manifestations of your goals and wishes.  There are claims that by regular and passionate creations of mental images, positive energy forces a shift in the physical word and images are manifested into physical form.

However, for those that don’t believe this to that extent, visualisation is certainly an important part of achieving goals.  Ask any Olympic athlete what their warm-up for a competition involves, they will nearly all say ‘mental preparation and visualisation’.  They force their mind to think of only the positive outcomes and positive executions to fill their bodies with positive thoughts and serotonin (the happy hormone) which in turn gives them a much better opportunity of achieving their goals.  Coaches need to practice this too in order to feel confident in their decisions and choices.  So next time you are on your way to a training session, or on your way to a competition, just stop and give yourself 2 minutes to close your eyes and visual images of all the positive aspects of what is about to unfold.


3. Model your behaviour on someone successful

Unless your name is Usain Blot, there is always someone faster that you.  Unless your name is Bill Gates, there is always someone richer than you and unless your name is Beyonce, there’s always someone who can sing better than you.

What I am trying to say is, there is always someone ahead of you that has been there, done that and got the t-shirt.  So find that person who has achieved what you want to achieve and model your behaviour on theirs.  How do they carry themselves, what path have they taken to achieve what they have and what daily rituals do they go through in order to ensure a positive outcome.  Don’t blindly try and work things out, research what has been done before you and copy it!


4. Change your body language

We all know the typical body language signs of when someone is unhappy – the slumped shoulders, dropped head, folded arms and dragging feet, compared with someone who is happy and confident – straight back, shoulders back, head high and smiling face.  It has been researched in great depth that its actually not our mood that dictates our body language, but our body language that dictates our mood.  Just try it now.  Sit slumped in a chair, cross your legs, fold your arms, put a frown on your face and lean on the table……now, stand tall, back straight, put your arms high in the air and smile…..can you feel the difference?  How many times have we seen one (or more) of our athletes or players stood on the start line or on the pitch looking terrified…it shows in their body language a mile off!

The best person to explain how this works is Amy Cuddy, an American Social Psychologist working at Harvard University – who has one of the most watched TED presentations ever.  To watch the video CLICK HERE . She goes on to explain that body language changes who we are and by just changing the shape of your body can instantly change your mood and confidence levels.


5. Raise your Standards

In order to be at your best, you have to look your best and feel your best.  To feel truly confident you want to make sure no stone is unturned, and you are as prepared as possible. Raise your standards in every aspect of your life and I promise you it will trickle into all areas of your life.  Keep your office clean & tidy, wear your best clothes, get up that 5 minutes earlier….it all adds up.  So raise your standards and be proud of all you have and all you are.



  1. Very useful summary of some very valuable tips. Confidence in themselves and what they are doing is important for every coach, and our experience does show that female coaches can struggle with this a little bit more than make coaches. We use these tools as part of our toolkit when helping coaches and others and, implemented properly, they can make a big difference.


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