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Coaches EyeCoaches Eye 

According to Coaches Eye, their mission is “to fundamentally transform the way coaches and athletes teach, learn and perform.”

It is a simple app that you download onto your phone and can use for slow motion video and technique analysis.

I must admit to using this ALOT in my coaching.  Firstly, it is so easy to use as it’s a case of just getting my phone out of my pocket rather than carrying around tonnes of equipment, but it is so easy to be able to give instant feedback to my athletes and show them exactly what I need them to do.

I use it mainly to record fast movements, so a sprint start, running technique etc.  It allows me to record the movement, play it back slowly, freeze frame and even draw lines and circles for me to demonstrate to my athletes what their movement should look like.


Coach’s Eye is one of those brilliant ideas that’s so simple and changes how you coach forever.  You can use it on an iPhone or iPad and I think is also available on Android.  It basically adds a layer over the iPhone’s (or iPad’s) video recording functionality that allows you to scribble over footage or slow it down. It really can be invaluable.

It allows you to study the footage carefully, adding annotations and voiceovers as you go, all in order to improve performance and/or technique of your team or athletes.

As well as a slow motion mode, the video can also be scrolled through frame by frame using a flywheel, so you can be really accurate and precise. And after you’re done, you can have your iPhone render the final result with annotations and vocal additions in place.

That’s not even the end of it. Coach’s Eye also has a wealth of sharing options with which you can post and share your end video in several ways. If you are assessing the clip remotely for an athlete far away, you can send them the final result instantly by email or text message. You can post them directly to YouTube, on Facebook or through third-party apps such as Dropbox and Evernote. And, of course, you can save the rendered version to the camera roll.


I would love to know what apps everyone else uses!





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