If you could ask any coach one question who would it be and what would you ask?


Screen-Shot-2015-10-14-at-12.19.351_195x150_acf_croppedWelcome to #womenswednesday; a weekly online discussion with female coaches from around the World!

In partnership with Project 500 in the UK, we pose a topic every Wednesday for to join in and send us your thoughts and experiences via twitter or our online coaches forum.  Since it began back in October 2014,  thousands of coaches have taken part and shared their thoughts about everything from gender stereotyping, coach education and even sports bras!  To see old topics and discussions, please CLICK HERE


With all the coaching information out there, the millions of coaches, thousands of websites and hundreds of coaching programmes, occassionally we can get overloaded with information.  Sometimes all it takes is one question to solve a few problems…

So, this week we are asking you one simple question….If you could ask any coach one question who would it be and what would you ask?

Answers from social media and FCN Forum

Netball coach – I’d ask if & how her philosophy has changed in last year?

Carmen P – <gasp> Just one? <scratches head and resumes pondering>

Melissa Hyndman – Sir Alex Fergusson “How did u find inspiration E/day when u were coaching at the top”? & wud u like a coffee pls

Annie Z –  I would ask Arsene Wenger if I could be his coaching assistance

Kimmy Stockes – I would ask Mark Sampson aside from women’s World Cup how do you motivate players and do diff players require diff motivation methods?

Shante Little – to all female coaches- how do you navigate the expectations of your personality in a predominantly male profession?

Wendy Russle –  I would ask Nancy Lieberman or Becky Hammon-how does it feel to be in a very “male sport world. What challenges have they faced, and how do they over come these?

Alison Kenward – I’d ask how different is assessing DNA of champions for team vs individual sport?

Hollie Bees – I’d ask how she coped with negative comments she faced from some when she became ‘s coach?




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