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#womenswednesday -

How does being a female coach make you feel?

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 18.48.29Welcome to #womenswednesday;?a weekly online discussion with female coaches from around the World!

In partnership with?Project 500?in the UK, we pose a topic every Wednesday for to join in and send us your thoughts and experiences?via twitter or our online coaches forum. ?Since it began back in October 2014, ?thousands of coaches have taken part and shared their thoughts about everything from gender stereotyping, coach education and even sports bras! ?To see old topics and discussions, please?CLICK HERE


This weeks topic is brought to you by our #womenswednesday partners ? Project 500. ?They are working alongside 7 County Sport Partnerships in the South East of England to launch a new campaign for female coaches. ?Here it is:

?We all know that coaching has its fantastic emotional high points and moments of despair, but what about all of the personal feelings that are attached? For example, pride at seeing your young athletes learn new skills, overwhelming joy at the point of victory, or perhaps you feel empowered being one of the few female coaches in a male-dominant sport.? We?d be interested to find out the range of emotions that coaching evokes in you.

We would like to know?How does being a female coach make you feel?

Don?t be afraid to share your thoughts, #womenswednesday. Try to be as honest as possible, so that the new campaign can be shaped around the real-life experiences of real female coaches. This way we can target more of what matters to you!?


Answers from?social media and FCN Forum

Allison Collier –?Fortunate and enabling #womeninsport

Lauren Meehan -?It makes me feel like I make a difference! Being a female coach also makes me feel like I can show girls their voices matter.

Dawn Brace -?happy ?to share the love of my sport ?for others’ benefit

Bianca Thomas -?fantastic! But often frustrated having to fight gender battles we shouldn’t have to fight! Takes away from doing our real work!

Emma Clarke -?happy, one of the most rewarding things sharing my passion and seeing their enjoyment and love of the game grow each week

Jazz Hervin – like a coach

Penny Mickelsen -?fulfilled! Always wanted to feel I was making a difference; as a coach, I know I am.

Coach Amy -?A sense of purpose, pure joy knowing I have launched another girl into the land of possibility

Claire Robinson -?Ready for break & looking forward to New Year and for more Coaching

Melissa Hyndman -?Privileged, Blessed, Passionate, Honoured and Electrified. Love it.

Jools Murray -?It makes me feel unique with no constraints of preconceived notions of what I should be like

Coach Tracy -?makes me feel optimistic – helping people getting to reach their goals and seeing improvement in all areas.

Jemima King?-?Privileged to educate motivate&inspire players of all ages & standards to become the best they can be on/off court

Nicky Proctor -? makes me feel excited for the future of women and girls getting active #GirlsNeedFemaleRoleModels

Carla Nicholls -?Awesome, wouldn’t know any other way to feel!

Natalie Curtis -?Coaching has such a positive effect on me! Even after a bad day coaching always makes me smile!

Alison Kenward -?Coaching makes me feel Creative, Engaged, Connected.

Ute Scholl -?1. Happy, my element, 3. fabulous!??I am happy to be able to teach my favourite sport to a variety of people!

Sion Kitson -?seeing development in others is an amazing process

Channers Willis -? feel epic i coach rugby for a uni ladies 2s team watching them grow & have fun in a male dominated game is gr8

Liane -?pride! Watching them do something that we’ve taught, or something they didn’t think they could do!

Emma Marlow -?I love the sport and having a bit of influence over others enjoying it is why I love it!

Stephanie Barrows -?Empowered, Motivated, Inspired

Debbie Frances -?Coaching girls gives me a massive sense of achievement. They want to learn and develop every week and they do!

Suzie -?Responsible – Frustrated – Proud.

Kim Everist -?It evokes unparalleled passion & interconnects a diverse group of people for life.Teams are Family #WomensWednesday

Della Bowley -?Fencing! Surprised, happy, great sense of achievement, desire to do more & better

Elly Moore -? like I can make a difference – what a buzz! want more of that feeling – bring it on!

Lucy Callingham -?Coaching makes me feel joy, passion and pride! Especially when I see these guys feeling the same!

Erin Fuller -?gives me the chance to inspire the future generations and provide them with opportunities to achieve


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