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#womenswednesday -

What are your New Year?s Coaching Resolutions for 2016?

Happy New Year to you all!

As this is the first #womenswednesday of the New Year, we thought we would ask you what your coaching goals and resolutions are for the year ahead. ?Over the last few days, we published some blogs from our team of female coaches around the World to ask them what their own plans and goals are. ?To read each blog, click on our blogger name below:

Jazz Hervin?? UK Soccer Coach

Jools Murray?? Canadian Strength & conditioning Coach

Rachael Brient?? UK Soccer Coach

Amy Hollingsworth?? Canadian Hockey Coach

Maha El Nasser?? USA (UK based) Roller Derby Coach


We want to know your coaching goals and resolutions for the year ahead! post your answers on twitter, Facebook or our FCN Forum!

  • Are there are coaching courses you would like to attend?
  • Are there any coaching habits you would like to change or improve?
  • Are there any major goals you would like to achieve?
  • Are there any personal goals you want to achieve that will in turn help your coaching (i.e. increase confidence etc)?

Answers on twitter & FCN Forum

Erica Quam:? I actually haven’t set a resolution since 2006. My new year practice: choose a word of the year. This year my word is connection.

Kathy Butler:?To give myself enough time to do everything well. My athletes deserve my full attention and time.

Beth Barz:?I’m travelling this year and learning as much as I can!

Shelli Sayers:?Read more about other sports and meet with a successful coach not in my sport to talk coaching philosophies.

Netball Lisa:? just got acceptance for L3 course so this is going to be my life for next 18 months or so !!!!

Sarah M’Grady:? expanding my knowledge to encourage other females to coach/ref/mentor – work with & continue being a role model

Coach Tracy:?to learn more about both art and science of coaching so I can help my athletes even better.

Melissa Hyndman:?Laugh smile cry & make a difference as a coach. Build & develop as a team and be successful on & off the court.

Ute Scholl:? To return to the UK! To learn all my forms in taichi in mirror image! ?And to write at least two blogs for the network!

Penny Mickelsen:?to increase opportunities to get more non-traditional families (esp mums&girls) involved with tennis

Suzie:? lead a session on my own.

Kerry Ward-L:?to make a difference, doesn’t mean wins, but creating opportunities to help fulfil goals

Lindy J:? To improve my listening skills & feedback that is extremely valuable to the needs of the individual



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