Could men sacrifice as equally for their coaching Wives; ‘Coaching Wives’ Documentary




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We recently came across a new film being released in the US called “Coaches Wives”…it’s a great documentary about the sacrifices the wives of male coaches make each day to support their husbands coaching careers.  It interviews a number of women who talk about their husbands careers and highlights in a positive way, the connection these women have with each other stating “no one else can understand what it’s like to be a coaches wife.”  This documentary gives these women a voice and allows them to share their stories and the hard work that they put in behind the scenes.

Just for the record – we think this is a great documentary & we applaud the commitment and dedication that ALL coaches make.


“Coaches Wives” is a film about the women who share their husband with a particular sport – and the life that that sport dictates for them. Often ignored and under-appreciated in American sports culture, the coach’s wife is the unsung hero who must balance love, sometimes children, domestic responsibilities and other characteristics of being married to a man who has committed his life to coaching a team/sport at a competitive level.



This weeks discussion is not necessarily about this documentary – because we understand that wives of coaches do need to make a huge sacrifice to support their husbands….however, we want to ask, could this documentary be made the other way around and would a ‘husband’ sacrifice as much for their Wives coaching careers?

  • Do men sacrifice equally for their coaching Wives?
  • Has your partner given up everything to support your career as a coach?
  • Are female coaches able to make as big as a commitment as male coaches?
  • Are you single & worried that finding a partner will halt your coaching commitments?



Answers on twitter & forum


Coach Kiwi –  Coaching is similar to being a mother, multiple personalities, abilities etc to organize so all works together.

Lisa Fallon – Yes, if you want equal opportunities, you have to make equal commitment.

Joanne McKinney – This is the same as any full time job without Dolly Parton hrs! The time you put in is more valuable so you become more efficient & get quality work done without procrastinating.My family comes 1st but work do not feel 2nd place.

Wendy Russell –  I met my partner though my coaching and inspired them to take up coaching! We support each other to grow & develop.

Sarah Dwyer -Shick – Out with other coaches & their wives where does my husband fit? With the spouses or with me & the men I work with?



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