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#womenswednesday -

How would you ?sell? coaching to your fellow female friends?

#wwWelcome to #womenswednesday; our weekly online discussion with female coaches from around the World!

Every Wednesday we pose a new topic in partnership with a different coach / organisation each week, for you to join in and share your views. ?Send us your thoughts and experiences?via twitter or our online coaches forum.

Since it began back in October 2014, ?thousands of coaches have taken part and shared their thoughts about everything from gender stereotyping, coach education and even sports bras!

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This weeks #womenswednesday is in partnership with Project 500 ? a UK based coaching organisation aimed at recruiting more female coaches.

Did you know that only 17% of the UK Coaching workforce are qualified female coaches?! I?m sure this will be about the same for other countries too!

We don?t need to write you a long piece about why this needs to change, (because we all know why we need more female coaches!)?so instead, we are getting straight to the point and asking; what can we do about this?

Project 500 have commissioned a video to help encourage more women become coaches and they need your?help to spread the word.

We all agree that this number needs to increase, but what can we as coaches do to encourage our fellow females to join the coaching club and become one of us?

  • What would be your unique selling point for coaching?
  • How have you managed to persuade your female friends to get into coaching?
  • What can we do to make it easier for future coaches to take their first step?
  • How can we encourage them to use their skills in sports coaching?



Answers on social media and the FCN Forum


Kim Everist -?constantly networking for female coaches

Jazz Hervin?-? I never have…It’s their choice.The seed is planted by myself being their coach when they played..The decision is then their’s.

Anne Marice -? it’s another way to give back to the community and does create diversity in sport

Chantelle Le Motte -?I would let it “sell” itself through stories of the impact u have on lives& the impact teams have on you #relationships #memories

Carmen P -? As a chance to make a difference!

Let Dimzon -?how does coaching done to my life, & to d people I’ve work & help to lift the way of their life.

Dani Sweetman -?Some gfs get its, lots don’t. I just say that I enjoy the interaction and the action!

Juhi Shah -?what we lost in technique in our days through coaching advances young girls can learn now

Sports Coach Diaries -?Coaching is more than meets the eye! It’s not just the sport it’s about going above and beyond #rewarding #relationships #family

Netball Coach -?most women already have the skills – using them in their every day lives! #education key! #communication #organisation #encourage

Rachael Brient -?selling it through the stories + positive impact you can have on players lives through helping them develop as a person + player.

Hydra Electric -? salient query- in our sport do we sell or push? ?But doesn’t that make it a more frightening endeavour!!!!

Melissa Hyndman -?The opportunity to inspire, develop & teach while learning new things, meeting new lifelong friends is a dream.

Annie Z-?don’t think you can sell it, it’s a passion from within

Jools Murray?-?Not 4 everyone BUT a wonderful opportunity to develop skills for work & relationships. Also a lot of self-discovery.

Wendy Russel -? don’t think it’s about “selling” Just be a positive role model & you become infectious.

Coach Meg -?Many of us are coaches and do not realize it. Mentoring, teaching, learning. How do you coach? Volunteer and see.

Lauren Meehan -?showing you’ll support them and then following through is critical in my eyes

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