Flying High; What can we as women expect as we set off on our sky high journey in to coaching.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 17.09.28Sometimes the journey we take is not always as smooth as we’d like it to be.


What can we as women expect as we set off on our sky high journey in to coaching.


Firstly choose a destination – Do you want to go to the land of Football, Netball, Hockey, Athletics. Well I chose Athletics – running specifically as my first destination.  In time I may head to another unknown land but for now I’m having a great time flying high coaching runners.


So destination selected,  now we need to think about how we are going to get there? Which airport are we going to check in to?  There are many routes – self funding and then choosing a course by a governing body, or maybe through government funding for sports initiatives? I asked my running club who were happy to fund my coaching.  To further my coaching I have also self funded extra courses and development workshops.


So now we are buzzing!! We have chosen a destination selected an airport and now we’re going to book the flight and our journey will really begin.


We have found the confidence to get booked in and now it’s time to get the qualifications and experience that we need to give the best of us to our athlete and in turn see the best from them.  This is where the journey can for some begin to get a little scary or even over whelming.   Where ever you choose to fly to, there’s a lot to learn.   Don’t worry because there is also a lot of support from other coaches who started their journey ahead of you.   If you use the support and all of  the tools, your journey will be inspiring every step of the way.  Believe me you will be inspired by so many coaches and athletes and without realising it, you’ll inspire them too.


What we may experience as we begin to fly.  Turbulence – you have taken in everything you’ve been told, discovered great things had great ideas, learnt how to plan, to evaluate, to motivate.  Your know your sport technically and you have everything you need to be amazing.  You can still hit a wind pocket that knocks you for six.  A plan may not go quite to plan, tactics are just not doing what you’d expect.  This is when you need to trust that it will all settle and use your self evaluation skills to learn from everything.  What is going well, what is not going well.  From your athletes feedback and the mentoring support from others along the way.  The turbulence will soon settle.


How long is it now?


We never land on an island, we never inhabit it settle down and live happily ever after.  We may know all there is to know about our destination (unlikely) we never ever get to an end point in coaching.  We see our athletes hit there goals, punching through the clouds and reaching for stars.  We reach our goals too.  But this flight is forever, always flying high reaching goals and changing course, dealing with turbulence and settling.


So fellow coaches and those thinking of coaching, my message to you all is


Buy a ticket, get on board and fly high!!!


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 13.38.09Bio: Claire has been a runner for 10 years having evolved from beginner to competitor and then to coach.  On her journey she has collected information, experience and qualifications that she now carries with her to develop the running that they want to do.  Working with groups and individuals, Claire looks at all the parts of the puzzle to create a full picture of running.  She is looking forward to  sharing her experiences , thoughts and aspirations within the blogs.


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