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#womenswednesday -

Mental Health Awareness Week; Your experience of working with athletes with mental health issues.

This week?s #womenswednesday was in?partnership with?Manisha Tailor?in support of Mental Health Awareness week in the UK.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.04.41Manisha is a UEFA B Licensed coach in football, currently working towards her A License.?By profession she is?a?qualified head-teacher?and has?worked in several London (UK) based primary schools for more than 10 years before embarking upon a career change in 2011.?

Her passion and love for football began when she was 8 years old, inspired by her?twin brother.?At the age of 18, due to a series of traumatic events that involve long term bullying, he became?depressed. ?His condition is such that he is non-verbal and requires 1:1 care. ?To read our exclusive interview with Manisha and to learn more about her story?CLICK HERE

Manisha works tirelessly to use football as a tool to benefit those with mental health issues. ?Through her organisation?Swaggarlicious, Manisha has a number of mental health and football projects which she aims to provide those involved with a?safe environment that fosters confidence, motivation and the feeling of self-worth.

To read more about Manisha?s project, read her blog:?Why Mental Health Matters.

We asked you about your experience of mental health in the sporting world

  • How can sports coaching help those with mental health conditions??
  • How have you adapted your coaching to suit athletes, players with mental health issues?
  • Have you ever had to deal with an elite athlete who has developed Mental Health issues because of their sport?



Answers from Social Media and FCN Forum


Int Speed Coach -? worked with an athlete who developed anxiety issues.I took more time to talk,learn about how she ticked&develop coping strategies

Leap -?1 in 4 people are affected by a mental health problem. Sports coaches have a role to play.

Bernadette – sport causes body to release endrophins

Jools Murray -?Close coach-athlete relationship means yes but important not to deal with it alone. Advise to seek professional help

Joy Thomas –?Agreed. When it comes to mental health there’s just being there, being visible, for some carrying on as usual. ?I think you can uncover more and provide essential support by just listening. Even if there are no words.

Jessica Rose -?Kind, hopeful, trying!

Psychological Edge?-?there are certain chemicals in our system that promote positively when released. Exercise & physical activity help promote. ?Coaching and activity can align to setting goals these goals can help to promote focus in a positive direction.



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