Coaches Across Continents; The Future of Women’s Rights in Islam and Zanzibar


Fatima Said AhmedFatma Said Ahmed, answers some questions by Coaches Across Continents about her recent training in Unguja, Zanzibar in partnership with the Ministry of Sport, the Zanzibar Football Association, and Save the Children.


How did you get involved with CAC?

I first heard about Coaches Across Continents from Zanzibar National Sports Council and I got involved with CAC as a volunteer helping translate English to Swahili during the one week training at Unguja, Zanzibar. I was lucky enough to meet the amazing Coaches and learn from them, thanks to Nick and Nora. I also learnt CAC activities through website.


Tell us about your work and activism in Zanzibar:

I work at Stand For Humanity as the Founder and Managing Director. Stand For Humanity is a Non-Profit Organization. The mission is to serve and provide humanitarian actions to people in need, to advocate for justice in social structures and to call the stakeholders and other people of good will to do the same. Vision: “Having a youth that is dynamic, active, responsible and committed in the development process”. I have done and organize different activities such as Online Campaigns on Child’s rights and development, joining the joint events (International Women’s Day, International Midwife Day, World Read Aloud Day, Earth Day etc.) and outreach programs.

I work as a volunteer in youth development organizations. I once started to volunteer at Zanzibar Youth Forum around 2013 and got the chance to join the UNFPA Youth Advisory Panel on communications and host the Facebook closed group of YAP (Youth Advisory Panel). YAP was established to give young people the right to advise UNFPA on issues concerning adolescents and youth. I have take part on relevant issues such as capacity building, advocacy, policy dialogues and outreach.

I also volunteer at AfriYAN (African Youth and Adolescents Network on Population and Development) as the Secretary General of AfriYAN Tanzania Chapter.


What did you learn from the week of training with CAC in Unguja?

During the week of training with CAC I’ve learned so many things on how sports can bring positive social change such as:-

Child rights (Freedom of expression, right to information and responsibility to the community)

Gender equity + Female empowerment (ASK for choice)

Skills for life – problem solving

Conflict prevention

Sports skills


What do you think needs to happen in order for women and men/girls and boys to be treated equally in Zanzibar?

Awareness about gender equality must be raised at schools so that children and young people could be aware that girls and boys/men and women have equal rights that what men can do women can do. Breaking the social and cultural barriers that hinders girl’s empowerment. Also raise awareness to public; show and tell; engage with influential leaders and community members.


What are you most excited about for your upcoming week in Dallas?

I’m so excited about my upcoming week in Dallas; I can’t wait to start my once-in-a-lifetime journey and get to learn from the Olympic Legend Michael Johnson at the performance center.  Learning and sharing ideas, experiences. I also expect to get mentored to become a future leader.

CAC_Visual ID_FinalAbout: Coaches Across Continents; a charity that focuses on local issues such as: female empowerment, including gender equity; conflict prevention,  and is the Global leader in social impact change.    ASK for Choice is a female empowerment programme created by Coaches for Continents and will enhance personal and community responsibility and produce locally owned and relevant gender equity initiatives.

Women’s and girls’ rights are violated daily. Cultural norms and traditional stereotypes restrict their choices. Violence and harmful practices against them continue despite international treaties and protective legal documents. Where laws exist, they are frequently not enforced or brought to life. Global conflict is exacerbating the situation as refugee women and girls are particularly vulnerable to violence, exploitation and denial of their human rights.

Through ‘ASK for Choice’, Coaches Across Continents will create an environment for the progression of Attitudes towards girls’ education and gender roles; the development of Skills for female leadership and problem solving; and the increase in Knowledge of gender policies. This will lead to girls’ and women’s rights, educational, employment, entrepreneurial, financial, and health choices.



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