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Amanda Miles -

BASKETBALL; Day 2 report

turkey v australia
Day Two of the Olympics Women?s basketball tournament brings us Group B action.
The day started off with United States beating Senegal 121-56.? Every player on team USA got over 13min of playing time and each of those players scored 4 or more points.? That is one large team effort. ? Senegal was lead by Fatou Dieng with 10 points and 22:59 playing minutes and Mame Marie Sy with 9 points and 24:50 playing minutes.
After that game the games got a lot closer.? Next up was Serbia vs Spain. ? Spain came out on top winning 65-59 however it was a hard fought game for Serbia lead by coach Marina Maljkovic and Jelena Milovanovic with 17 points in 25:32min of play. ? Spain was lead by Marta Margay with 15 points in 16:44min of play.
Following this game was Australia vs Turkey. ? ? Turkey came out strong, but fell to Australia with a 61-56 final for Australia. ? Turkey was lead by Lara Sanders who scored 25 of their points in her impressive 35:35minutes of game play. ? Australia was lead by Elizabeth? Cambage who scored 22 of their points while playing 22:56minutes.
We finish the day with the closest game of all Belarus vs France.? This game ended with a score of 73-72 for France who was lead by head coach Valerie Garnier.? Tatsiana Likhtarovich lead the Belarus team for this game with 39:12 playing minutes and 16points.? France was lead by Olivia Epoupa with 16 points in 30:20 playing minutes.

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