CYCLING; Day 4 Track Cycling Report


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Day 4 of the track cycling was looking interesting again, as every day in the track is. With men’s sprint medals to be won and the start of the men’s omnium, Britain’s hopes were high.

The session started with the women’s sprint qualifying. Like in the men’s, they qualify with a flying lap of the track. Britain’s Rebecca James got a new Olympic record, on a high after winning sliver in the keirin yesterday. Team mate to James, Katy Marchant was second fastest followed by Hong Kong’s Lee Wai Sze and Elis Ligtlee from the Netherlands.

After the women’s sprints there was the start of the men’s omnium. The omnium is an event which contains 6 races and in each race riders collect points. The person with the most points at the end of all 6 events wins. Favourites for this race included Glenn O’Shea (Australia), Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark), Roger Kluge (Germany), Elia Viviani (Italy), current world champion in the omnium Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Columbia) and Great Britain’s Mark Cavendish who won 4 stages of the Tour de France earlier in the year.  The omnium started with the scratch race. The scratch race is simple, 60 laps of the track and the first rider over the line wins. The race started very slowly, no one attacked until nearly halfway through the race when Hansen and Cavendish made the first move but were soon brought back by the rest of the group. A short while later Viviani and a Frenchman attacked but ,again, were brought back to the main group. The first big move came from Bobby Lea (USA) and Jasper de Buyst (Belgium) who got a half lap gap from the rest of the group. This was followed by an attack from Hansen and Kluge and then O’Shea. The attacking riders became a group of five for a short time before Hansen and Kluge attacked again and managed to get onto the back of the main group. De Buyst and Lea are brought back while Thomas Boudat attacks and gets a gap. It becomes Boudat and O’Shea trying to join the back of the group to have lapped the field. While this is happening in the closing stages of the race, the sprint is opening up, lead out by Fernando Gaviria Rendon and Mark Cavendish in second. The results from the scratch race are as follows;

1st Lasse Norman Hansen

2nd Roger Kluge

3rd Thomas Boudat

4th Glenn O’Shea

5th Fernando Gaviria Rendon

6th Mark Cavendish

7th Elia Viviani

Next on the track was the men’s sprint bronze medal race between Denis Dmitriev (Russia) and Matthew Glaetzer (Australia). Dmitriev lead out the first of a possible three races. He won the first and when Gaetzer lead out the second, Dmitriev sprinted past him to the bronze medal. In the gold medal race, two Britons and room-mates Jason Kenny, trying to retain his Olympic title and Callum Skinner. Skinner lead out the first race but was narrowly beaten by Kenny then when Kenny lead out the second race, he won leading to his fifth Olympic gold medal. Kenny in 1st, Skinner in 2nd and Dmitriev in 3rd.

Followed by the men’s sprint finals was the women’s sprint round one. The way it works is that the highest qualifier races against the lowest qualifier and so on so Rebecca James and Katy Marchant from Great Britain had it quite easy to make it through to the next round. They made it along with well-known names Kristina Vogel and Anna Meares.

After the sprints there were the next two events in the men’s omnium. Firstly, the individual pursuit, where Lasse Norman Hansen posted the fasted time and beat the Olympic record. Mark Cavendish finished 2nd with Elia Viviani and Roger Kluge in 3rd and 4th.Following that race there was the elimination where the last rider over the line every two laps would be eliminated. The first rider eliminated shocked everyone. It was Hansen, who won the individual pursuit. A while later, the crowds were shocked again when Roger Kluge made an early exit followed by Bobby Lea and Glenn O’Shea. Cavendish lasted until the top six when he was eliminated not because he was last over the line but because of a dodgy move when he became boxed in and overtook on the inside of a rider but went too far inside and off of the track.  Elia Viviani won followed by Boudat and Gaviria in 2nd and 3rd.

So, halfway through the men’s omnium event the results are as follows;

  1. Thomas Boudat (106 points)
  2. Elia Viviani (104 points)
  3. Mark Cavendish (96)
  4. Roger Kluge (90)
  5. Fernando Gaviria Rendon (90)
  6. Lasse Norman Hansen (86)
  7. Glenn O’Shea (76)


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