CYCLING; BMX Days 1 & 2 report




The start of the BMX cycling meant that there were two more gold medals to be won and potentially room for crashes and falls but mostly lots of tight action for everyone to feast their eyes on.

The seeding runs for the BMX were a timed run of the course which includes jumps, berms and sections of pump track. The women’s course is 379m long and the men’s had an extra jump and berm added on to make the course 399m long. BMX riders must wear a full face helmet and long length trousers and jerseys to protect them if they were to crash. BMX bikes are smaller than most other bikes, they have a low saddle and they only have a back brake, although this brake is not used during the racing.

The riders who were seeded top in the women’s are;

  1. Mariana Pajon
  2. Caroline Buchanan
  3. Laura Smulders
  4. Stefany Hernandez
  5. Simone Christensen

And in the men’s there was one crash from one of the Latvian riders, Edzus Treimanis. He got up but didn’t continue the race after receiving a cut to his face. The top riders in the men’s seeding are;

  1. Joris Daudet
  2. David Graf
  3. Sam Willoughby
  4. Connor Fields
  5. Corben Sharrah

In the second day of the BMX racing, was the men’s quarter finals. Because of a smaller field of riders in the women’s, there was no need for a quarter final, they move straight onto the semis on day 3.

The men’s quarter finals were split into 4 heats, each heat having three runs and the top 4 riders in each heat after all 3 runs would go through to the semi-finals. The first heat contained World Champion Joris Daudet. Daudet crashed in run 2 along with Kimmann who snapped his forks and ran over the line. In run 3 it was obvious that Daudet was out of the running due to injuries sustained in his crash and we also saw the Brazilian rider crash and walk to the finish. The four riders going through to the semis are: Jelle Van Gorkom, after winning runs 1 and 2, Trent Jones, Nicholas Long, winner of run 3 and Niek Kimmann.

In heat 2 we had Britain’s hope Liam Phillis and the reigning Olympic champion Maris Strombergs. Liam Phillips had a heavy crash taking out the Olympic champion and David Graf. Phillips didn’t continue with the rest of his runs therefore was out and David Graf had a DNF for the run 1 but came back fighting in the other runs. In run 2 David Graf crashed again, taking out the Continental Champion Kyle Dodd. And finally in the third run, David Graf won, securing his place in the semis alongside Tory Nyhaug who won the first two runs, Luis Brethauer and Jefferson Milano.

In the third heat, Mir and Campo both crashed out and ended their campaign at the Olympics in the first run and Sam Willoughby took a clean sweep of victories taking him through to the semis. Accompanying Willoughby was Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala, Twan Van Gendt and Carlos Ramirez.

Not much action in the fourth heat, no crashes at all. Connor Fields won the first run with Anthony Dean winning the other two meaning Dean and Fields went through to the semis along with Corben Sharrah and Gonzalo Molina.


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