Fill your 2017 NSCAA Convention schedule with female presenters & panelists!




The annual NSCAA Convention is less than a week away and the number of women presenting continues to grow! The first NSCAA Convention I attended was in Philadelphia in 1996. While I can no longer recall many of the session topics one thing that stands out was that as a woman, I was in the distinct minority. There were only a handful of female presenters and if you wanted a quiet place to regroup the women’s restroom was almost always empty.

In looking at this year’s list of presenters it is clear that, while men still make up the majority both of presenters and attendees there number of women is growing. Indeed if on Friday you want to attend only sessions with female presenters and panelists you could.

Below is a composite schedule of all sessions featuring female presenters or panelists. If there are any I have missed message me @sdshick.  See you in LA!

2017 NSCAA Female presenters list 

(refer to official NSCAA schedule for changes & updates):

Full Event schedule:


Sarah, who played soccer and lacrosse in college, is a passionate supporter of sport-for-all. She relishes the opportunities and experiences soccer has provided her across the U.S. and around the globe. She is always looking for the next adventure that will expand the opportunities in sports, particularly for girls and women.  During 15 years coaching intercollegiate soccer, Sarah coached at each of the three NCAA divisions. She also worked with US Youth Soccer’s Olympic Development Program in Eastern N.Y. for eight years, serving as director of the Girls North program from 2011-2015.
Sarah is currently the Assistant Men’s Coach at Dutchess County Community College (NJCAA) and a premier and goalkeeping coach with Eastern FC a boys-only club based in Westchester, N.Y.



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