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Karen Brown -

ADVICE FROM THE TOP; Karen Brown (Field Hockey, GB)



I would say ?Don?t do it too quickly [get into coaching after retiring as an athlete], go away and learn the art of coaching first.? When you?re a coach, you don?t know what you don?t know and therefore you think that you?re going to pass on your knowledge to people just like that and they?re going to listen. Coaching is way more subtle than that and way more powerful if you get it right.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you?ve been involved in international programs, especially for a number of years, you have a big advantage over people who haven?t. When it comes to elite performance sport and to have longevity you?ll have to swim really quickly with the tide to stay afloat. It?s like any profession to get to the top is not easy and there are very few international coaches in the World.? For example, Danny Kerry has been working with the senior women since 2004 and he is likely to be there for a good while longer, so not may people get that opportunity. There?s lots and lots of people underneath the top job who aspire to do that role and think they could do? that role. Some ex-Players will definitely have an opportunity, they just need to learn the skill sets and be able to apply it effectively.

The danger is if they get offered a job too quickly and they?re not allowed to grow and develop as coaches and individuals. You get found out really quickly at the highest level, Hockey now is big business we have to deliver medals that?s our job, and that?s a demanding environment.




  1. Anita Broad


    Very sensible advice…take it slowly, learn your craft, Earn your respect as a coach. It’ll be more rewarding for everyone.

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