I find myself obliged to do my part to be the change maker my society needs NOW, TODAY and EVERYDAY until there is no more differentiation between Men and Women



The Women’s March on Washington and indeed around the world was inspiring, it was a show of solidarity to and for all Women on Earth that if we can come together and place our common interests first there is nothing we cannot achieve!  A true reflection of the sad state of affairs that still after thousands of years of civilization and many more of evolution, that as humans we are still not yet at a place in society as in general where we are equal.  If not now, when? When will we ever be at this place and to those women who fought for our rights, marched for social justice, took on men in every field and facet of life, don’t we owe it to them to keep the momentum going until we get to this point?

If we stagnate, plateau or just convince ourselves we have done enough, it means our sisters, nieces, daughters and granddaughters will still need to pledge for their parity, fight the Gender Agenda, so we are left with no choice but to pick up the baton and run.  The finishing line isn’t in sight but our turn on the relay of Revolution is up we need to stand together, be a team, march onto the field and play offence because defense isn’t going to win this battle.

Only by hustle, working cohesively and persevering will we many any headway.  As educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, government Law makers, Social Media users, organizers, strong women with an Action Plan, who Execute Daily will we, slowly but surely chip away at the Patriarchy that permeates through every layer of society’s bedrock.

Now look at what you do, where can you inspire where can you be the change and make the change in your society for the better?  Often people live with the status quo because that’s how it has always been, the don’t want to rock the boat or they feel the battle is too big for one person to take on alone.  A collective, social movement is so important, it gives way for the trickle to turn into a steam and the flow to turn the tide but only with daily, constant perseverance.   I find myself obliged to do my part to be the change maker my society needs NOW, TODAY and EVERYDAY until there is no more differentiation between Men and Women, until we have a meritocracy and it is FAIR.   It is going to be uncomfortable, relationships will be tested, failure will happen often and regret is much, much worse.


At Coach Sport LLC (United Arab Emirates) we are an all-female Professional Sports Coaching company run and operated by women who have felt the urge to break out, take a risk and lead the sort of life where women are at the forefront of their industry as professionals working and being the change daily.  This is unusual in the Middle East, where most industries are headed by men, for men and the cycle continues.   Our specific Change making agenda is a viable, successful ALL FEMALE operation, turning a profit, piloting programmes in all manner of establishments creating opportunity to train, and inspire the woman, men, girls and boys around us with regards to equality in sport.

We have chosen our coaches out of their ordinary life situations and though our passion for sport have turned all our weaknesses into our strengths.


Women Mental Health Awareness, Sport and Society

We love that our coaches have come across adversity and inequality in their lives and have found the inner strength to stand up to it.  We have coaches who have been mistreated when they were at the top of their athletic game by men who manage teams by being given back breaking exercises causing injury, psychologically abused and not given the rehabilitation for injuries they needed.  However, when these girls were winning, it was the head male coach who would take the credit.

We have coaches who have challenged gender stereotypes on the field of play by playing sports that are considered men’s games such as football and rugby and not only succeeding in their respective fields but being strong role models for future players to look up to.   We have women on our team who have suffered domestic violence, broken away from the abuse to start new lives stronger and with more courage than an mma fighter.  They transition from being afraid and introverted into hugely popular venue administrators.

We have coaches that have been body shamed their whole lives yet have persevered through the gender stereotyping and chased their career in sport proving, ‘size ain’t nothing but a number’ it comes down to what you can do!  Coaches come in all shapes and sizes, colours and religions in our team!  We have coaches that struggle with mental health yet with the correct medical assistance lead fulfilling, confident and successful lives impacting positively on all they come across, we support our girls and use every method at our disposal to assist them in the career of their choosing.

We have coaches that have dealt with grief, fractured families, suicide, overcome the inner-city cycle of life, displaced by economic hardships, been discriminated against in the old boys’ network, dumped by partners and had horrible breakups who have packed their bags and started fresh with an iron will of determination.

To us the pain of the past and the injustice serves as a great source of motivation to make the Change and put a stop to the perpetuation of society’s pigeonholing.   The situations mentioned above happen on the daily for most women and finding a way to see yourself clear of the accepted norms of society or the issues that are simply brushed under the carpet, becomes more and more imperative.  Having our little girls see their teachers, mothers, aunts and sisters face abuse, demeaning behavior, being paid less for equal work, missing out on a full education, being reduced to domestic labour in the home and worse still viewed as simply a pleasure or pro creation machine rather than a human, is dehumanizing and demoralizing.  We need to make the change and be the change daily!  Magazines, job roles, child caring obligations, post-natal leave, sport and society appropriated activities, equal pay, equal representation and governments that respect feminism such as Canada, Finland and Sweden all have a trickledown effect.

UN WOMEN, LeanIn, Project 500, Women Wednesday, access to internet and education programmes, basic health care and human rights as well as other thousands of community projects that encourage women to become leaders, breadwinners, educators and equal in society, we need more organistations promoting women as equals and we need this be become the norm.



Time is a teller, and it is the sum of repeated efforts again and again to get our women to a place where they are confident and capable of leading and being equal.  By networking, letting our work speak for itself, social media, being visible, blogging, speaking, working, being authentic, being practitioners and never giving up.  The benefit to all of society by initiating the change, being the change and living the change for an equal world will enable our daughters and sons to win more.

I look forward to giving more insight into running our Women’s Coaching Company in the next blog.  Further info on both myself and the company Coach Sport LLC can be found at www.dawnventuras.com and www.coachdxb.com

Best Dawn Venturas


Bio: Dawn Ventures, born in London to Scottish and Greek parents, grew up in Zimbabwe and playing a variety of sports such as baseball, hockey, football, cricket, athletics, gymnastics and swimming.  Represented Under 18s and Under 21 Zimbabwe Field Hockey before moving to finish studies in the UK.  In Scotland represented the Scottish Midlands U21 team before deciding to go for Olympic Trials for the Greek National Field Hockey Team 2000-2004 (ahead of the Athens Olympic Games)  This was a team made up of International players sourced from countries all over the world including Australia, England, USA, Canada, Austria, Holland, Germany, France, South Africa and Greece.
During this time the Greek National team trained regularly every couple months and entered various European Indoor and Outdoor FIH tournaments gaining in team cohesion and working towards the shared goal of representing their national team at the Olympics Games where by each host nation was facilitated automatic home country entry for team sports.  Unfortunately due to mismanagement of funds and coaching staff the team was set up to play a play off just a couple months short of the Games and lost their place in the Games.  The painful experience of being a young player having your Olympic dream taken away after years of training and sacrifice was a very hard pill to swallow.
This spurred me on to pursue a career in coaching and early talent identification for a new generation who hopefully have the support of the governing bodies around them to fulfill their potentials.




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