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Jennifer Huggins -

ADVICE FROM THE TOP; Jennifer Huggins (Boxing, Canada)


I would say start now!? There?s never been a better time.? I think the opportunities for females and the amount of opportunities and material out there has never been bigger.? I noticed that I stood out when I first got into boxing as a coach, a boxer and as an official, but standing out really does help and right now you will stand out as a female getting involved at this moment.? I believe that boxing is going to end up jumping so big that there will be a much bigger competition pool.? The biggest transition I had was going from a female dominated sport where you couldn?t stand out because there were so many women, to boxing where you really stood out because you are a female. ?At the moment women only have 3 weight categories in the Olympics whereas the men have 10, but as that changes it will be harder to get involved and it won?t be as special at the time as it will be right now.



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