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The FCN promote athletics and coaching at the 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships alongside Spar International


The wonderful people of Serbia were our host for the 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships as the FCN Team once again partnered with Spar International to promote athletics to the next generation of athletes.

Throughout the three days of competition, the team coached hundreds of Serbian children to run, jump and throw like their heroes out in the stadium, such as the poster girl for the games Ivana Spanovic. ?The world leading long jumper lit up the arena with three huge jumps over the 7 meter mark, the longest being 7.24m to take home the Gold medal and the full adulation of a very excited crowd.

The aim of our athletics park (SPARK) was to educate future generations of athletes to learn how healthy eating can contribute to growth and development as well taking part in regular exercise.? Children from all over Europe came flooding to the SPARK park to emulate their heroes and replicate what they had just witnessed within the stadium.? Full of energy, our team of coaches worked hard to ensure each child took away some training tips as well as a new found enjoyment for the sport.? A big thank you to James Walkington, Slobodan Ilic, Nebojsa Lazovic, Suncica Stefanovic? and Sara Krstic for their hard work throughout the Games!



Behind the scenes of all the action at SPARK, FCN coach Vicky and FCN athlete James took part in the filming of an exclusive promotional video to be used by Spar for future promotions of the sport and to encourage children to take part in athletics away from the Championships.? The educational video will be demonstrating all that goes into to an athletes preparation for a competition including nutrition, mental preparation and of course their warm-ups.? This video will also provide a platform for the FCN to promote ?female coaches? and will be shown around the World.



Lastly, thoughtout the busy three days, the FCN were also there to catch up with some of the female coaches involved with the games. ?On the third and final day, we managed to speak with FCN interviewee, Eilish McColgan in the mixed zone to congratulate her on winning a bronze medal in the 3,000m and to find out what her mum and coach would think about her way of running that race:



“The one thing my mum [and my coach] said to not do was run the race the way I just did! I had huge lectures before I went out to the track from her saying ?do not do that, don’t go to the back, sit up near the front so that when Laura Muir kicks, you can fight for the bronze.? Everyone had said do not do what I just did – don’t leave it to the last lap and thats exactly what I did do!

I am dreading going back to my phone because my mum and my dad and my boyfriend will be going mental about the way I just ran that – I make them very nervous and they don’t like watching me! ?My dad will probably be crying because he is an emotional wreck, but they will be really chuffed with what I have achieved?this championship!”


If you missed our interview with Eilish earlier in the year as we asked her about her high altitude training and the online coaching work she is involved in, click here to read more: EILISH INTERVIEW


A big thank you to the FCN Team, volunteers, and of course Spar International for their hard work throughout the Championships! ?

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