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The Inspirational Story of Women in Motorsport (part 1)


Gradually, motorsport is shrugging off its overly masculine image, and more and more women are becoming involved in this sport that demands intelligence, perseverance and lightning-fast reactions.
Read on, as we explore the history, growing role, and key achievements of women leading the pack in this most intense of sports.


A Timeline of Women in Motorsport



Some countries are providing a more hospitable environment than others when it comes to promoting women in motorsports. As recently as the 1960s, the total number of female racing drivers across the entire globe was in the single figures. This despite the inspirational Italian, Maria Teresa De Filippis leading the charge as the first woman to compete in a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1958.
By the 1980s, there was still plenty of room for improvement, but the number of women vying for the podium had rapidly increased. It was during this decade that Michèle Mouton and co-driver Fabrizia Pons became the first women to win a World Championship rally at Sanremo.
Fast-forward to the modern day and the total number of women on the circuit is hitting close to four figures. Check out the map to see, in greater detail, how this staggering improvement came to be.



Careers in Motorsport: Encouraging Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Of course, driving isn’t the only career in motorsport. The driver is just one cog in a much larger machine, each highly-talented team member plays a crucial role and shares in the success. Roles range from the deeply technical, such as engineering and software development, to the business-focussed, such as marketing, finance and legal.
Whatever the role, motorsport is a competitive field – both on and off the track. Hopefuls will need a keen eye for details, great passion, team spirit and the ability to cope with a high-press, fast-paced environment. Ultimately, they will play their part in not only propelling their team to victory but also keeping the driver safe on the track.
The chart above breaks down just some of the roles available and the qualifications and aptitudes you’ll need.




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