“Strong Proud Women” – What message should we be giving to future female athletes?




This weeks #womenswednesday is in celebration of a very special lady – Merle Brown.  Merle is a HUGE Aussie Rules Football fan and got in touch with us here at the FCN to ask for a little help.  Unable to play much sport as a young girl because of a lack of opportunity, Merle has written a song to celebrate the brand new Aussie Rules Football new women’s league.  She wanted all who sings the song to remember the fight they have had to make it possible for women to play and to celebrate the guts, spirit and determination of all who play.

Take a look at the lyrics HERE

This year is the first year of the league and is a HUGE deal and a massive step forward for women in sport.

For those who are unfamiliar with Aussie Rules – take a look at this:

So in honour of Merle, we are on a mission to get this song made and to get it heard…but whilst we work on that, we want to know, what messages would you be giving to the next generation of girls who want to play sport?

Please share your views, get in touch via twitter @femalecn or  email us at info@femalecoachingnetwork.com 

Answers – thanks to Louise Capicotto for the below image! 



  1. I want this song to be available to all women and girls who play Aussie Rules. Whether you play it at a decrepit ageing stadium in the ‘burbs, at the most expensive National venue in the country, or in the red dirt of the Centre, in Language,with or without boots, it’s just about the sheer joy of the game, the power of the physical contest, the godallmighty beauty of bringing down an opponent cleanly or kicking a 50 metre goal That’s worth celebrating and that’s why I wrote this song. Merle Brown.


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