How would you deal with sexism, homophobia and xenophobia in your coaching environment?


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How would you deal with sexism, homophobia and xenophobia in your coaching environment?

19th April 2017



This weeks #womenswednesday is in support of Shannon Miller, Jennifer Banford and Annette Wiles who are currently filing a law suit against the University of Minnesota on the grounds of sexual discrimination, homophobia and xenophobia.


To read the full story – CLICK HERE


Shannon, Jen and Annette are taking the institute to court because of blatant, horrific verbal abuse, sexual harassment and are shaking up the US sports system like never before.

Words and phrases such as ‘dyke’, ‘f***ing bitch’ and “go home” were just a few examples of the verbal abuse they suffered, whilst on one occasion, the name badge on Shannon’s office door was defaced with the word ‘dyke’ by a colleague.

We want to open up the discussion to ask you how you would deal with all of this, do you know how to deal with such issues, and who would you go to for support?

Please share you thoughts below, on twitter, Facebook or via email.

If you have similar stories you would like to share anonymously, please feel free to do so below:




  1. I haven’t personally experienced sexism during my coaching, but I have received the odd comment questioning my ability to become successful as a female within sport, whether that be as a coach or as a sport psychologist. I think it only drives me on further. If I were to experience sexism in my career, I would speak to those individuals about it as they may not be aware of how harmful their words are. If that did not help, I would report it to the NGB.

  2. Fortunately Finland is a pretty tolerant country when it comes to same sex relationships. That being said, I am actually not sure where athletes or coaching or support staff turn to when it comes to issues of homophobia and sexism. The coaching playing field is still pretty new to me at this point. It is definitely worth investigating.


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