Female Coaching Conference – My Journey Over the Pond to the FCN Conference 2017


I have been lucky enough to be a part of the FCN Academy Advisory committee for a few months now.  While this is still a project in the works Vicky has amazing intentions and plans for the FCN and I am proud to see it all come together.  One of those things was the 2017 Conference with Project 500.  When I heard about this conference I initially thought it is an amazing idea and I wish we had one in Canada so I could go.  There was no way I was going to make it out there.   Then after a week of going back and fourth about it I said to myself why not.   Just jump the gun and do it.   I always tell my athletes get comfortable being uncomfortable this was my way of pushing myself to do something that made me extremely uncomfortable.


Right from the start everyone was friendly and things were so organized.  I loved that there was already plans for the sessions to be posted online and for future webinars to follow up and build on what we were learning.  The information packages were awesome and everything was timed phenomenally, yes some sessions were longer than planned but it all worked out and everyone went with the flow which was amazing.  Often you go and they cut off speakers or make you run or rush to the next thing this was very relaxing and enjoyable.  I am glad they decided to film and do followup webinars for the sessions, I wish I could have been in every single one and learnt more and I feel that this will happen with the resources that are going to be available.   I love it!


Incase you cant tell already I loved the day.  There are some key takeaways that I got from the conference that I want to share with everyone including one thing that stood out for me huge.   Lois Fidler said she would “pick and choose when to step up”.   This to me was so affirming.  I am always trying to do everything and step up and prove myself and prove that I am willing and capable of everything that I am attempting to do.   I am sure many other females in the sports world feel this way as well and to hear it come from someone with that level of experience was amazing to me.  I always felt that it was just myself going through these thoughts.   From this realization I got another lightbulb moment, this is why we are here!  This is what the FCN is all about!  This is what the conference is all about!

Lois Fidler presenting her coaching journey 

I want to thank Project 500 and the FCN for having this conference. They put it together from nothing with very little support from outside companies, outside sports organizations, and anyone else who can help contribute.  I think that as people we can do better and I want to use this as a call to action for everyone all over the world.   We as female coaches need your support to provide opportunities like this all over the world.   Contact me (amandammiles@gmail.com) or the FCN or Project 500 and show you support.  Help us build this movement.  Share it on social media #FutureFemaleCoachConferences lets get a movement going!


As a young female coach this one day event has created a push in myself to do better and given me confidence and inspiration to push forward on some projects I have been hesitant about.  I definitely look forward to working with Vicky and the FCN further on how we can have these conferences in other places, I know there is support and a community all over that would benefit from this type of conference.   There is nothing like getting a group of like minded individuals together to share and learn from each other.  Lets all get together and help each other!

 Bio: Amanda Miles is a basketball Coach from Ontario, Canada who has a huge passion for coaching.  Amanda booked her ticket and jumped on a plane to take part in our very first coaching conference in the UK after a day trip around London!  A big thanks to Amanda for her blog and support of the FCN!


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