Female Coaching Conference – Postural Analysis Workshop




Why is posture so significant? Do my athletes have good posture? By the end of this workshop you will understand why posture matters and be able to answer the second question yourself by using the postural analysis tools and assessment techniques shown to you in this workshop. From knowledge of postural analysis, exercises can then be generated to help correct movement patterns, strengthen vulnerable muscle groups, increase balance, prevent injury and also increase mobility.

Athletes are constantly reassessed on factors such as body fat, hydration, strength and speed amongst other areas, with such an influence on athletes performance it’s vital to develop awareness and understanding of posture alongside all of the other assessment tools used.

This workshop will have interactive elements encouraging you to practice postural analysis tools that you have learnt, to then take away and utilise with your own athletes, adding further individuality to their training and also strengthening your position within the performance triad.


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Postural Analysis Presentation



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