Female Coaching Conference – Speed Development Workshop



Workshop Description 

Using tips and tricks from the world of sprinting, you will be shown the elements involved in speed development and how to improve your players overall quickness and agility on the field of play with specific training techniques.  This interactive workshop will allow you to watch and take part in a variety of exercises to learn the core concepts of speed and to take away a number of sessions for you to deliver with your own players and athletes.



Speed is an essential part of most sports and nowadays, sports at all levels are demanding more physicality and skill from all athletes of all ages. Speed education is often left out of traditional coach education in sports away from Track & Field, which leaves coaches unable to support speed development in players with poor running habits and slow reactions.

Whilst we can’t all be blessed with the fast twitch fibres of an Olympic medal winning 100m athlete, athletes of all abilities can improve their overall quickness and speed by understanding the factors that affect fast movement.

Whilst the training and development of a sprinters speed would differ from that of an athlete who plays sport (i.e. requiring twists, turns, stops and starts etc), it is important that athletes of all sports are able to master the foundations of fast movements to ensure the longevity, health and overall speed of an athlete.


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