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How do you engage in self-reflection? Is it an important part of being a coach?


How do you engage in self -reflection? Is it an important part of being a coach?

31st May 2017

Today’s topic is thanks to our newest member of the team – FCN Academy Coach Louise Capicotto.??Louise is training towards being a BPS-accredited Sport Psychologist at Loughborough University and?has a particular interest in the treatment of eating disorders in athletes, as well as mental health in elite sport, the psychology of coaching, and resilience.


Having recently publish an article on the FCN website called: ‘Developing Self-Awareness in Your Athletes’, Louisa also wanted to ask you, the coaches, how you reflect on your own performances, what techniques you use to develop self-awareness and how important you think it is to your everyday coaching.

Whether its mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, discussing your performance with a fellow coach, writing down a SWOT analysis, or simply making a few notes after a session – we want to know what you do to reflect on yourself as a coach.


Share your thoughts below!



Welcome to #womenswednesday; our weekly online discussion with female coaches from around the World in partnership with?Project 500.
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