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The FCN deliver another successful SPARK at the European Athletics Team Championships in Lille, France


The FCN Team attended this years European Athletics Team Championships in Lille, France, in partnership with Spar International to promote athletics to the next generation of children across Europe and do some behind the scenes work aimed at increasing the profile of female coaches in the sport.


The more visible element of the work during the week is the hosting of the SPARK park, aimed at educating future generations of athletes to learn how healthy eating can contribute to growth and development as well taking part in regular exercise. Almost a thousand children from all over Europe came flooding to the SPARK park to emulate their heroes and replicate what they had witnessed within the stadium. ?Each child had the opportunity to run, jump and throw as well as learn about healthy eating in the Spar Nutrizone Tent.


The FCN team of coaches worked hard to ensure each child took away some training tips as well as a new found enjoyment for the sport. ?A big thank you to James Walkington (UK), Thibault Mosser (France), Celine Collignon (France), H?lo?se Dumortier (France) and Clarisse Lesaffre (Belgium) for their hard work throughout the 3 days!


FCN Team for the SPARK Park?


Throwing Element of SPARK


Running Element of SPARK?



Our aim at these events is to inspire children to have fun taking part in the various track and field events, whilst ensuring that we have a visible team of coaches of both genders.?

Behind the scenes, the FCN works hard to get the message out there to the people that need to hear of the need of more women coaches at this level of track and field. ?It always surprises me that whilst at the athlete level there is a 50/50 split of male and female competitors, there is often a huge lack of women at the team management / coaching level. ?This is most obvious during the field events where coaches often sit together to watch their own athletes compete. ?Even for someone who is educated in the ‘who’s who’, it is still difficult to see the women coaches working away in the background.?

We are currently liaising with the governing bodies involved to work on this at future events. ?We would like to thank Spar International for their commitment and enthusiasm for their support in this also.”

Vicky Huyton – Founder of the FCN





A big thank you to the FCN Team, volunteers, and of course Spar International for their support throughout the Championships!?

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