The FCN launch ‘beginners guide’ videos for parents in partnership with Spar International



In partnership with Spar International, the FCN have launched some educational videos aimed at showing parents and children what is involved in becoming a World Class athlete.  These ‘beginners guides’ will also be used by Spar partners around the World to promote healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise.


The videos were created at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade, Serbia and presented by FCN team members Vicky and James, who have been athletics coaches for over 15 years.


The video’s introduce the viewer to the basics of what is involved in an athlete’s warm-up for track and field events. It will touch on three elements that form part of an athlete’s preparation for a competition including their nutrition and physical & mental preparation. The video finishes by showing exercises that you can do at home to replicate your heroes on the track.  Following on from this, the more event specific videos of Sprints, Shot Putt and Long Jump show a little more detail as to how athletes of said events would tailor their warm-ups to the individual skills.
















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