Would improving your confidence improve you as a coach?



In honor of the launch of our very first ‘Coaching and Confidence Training Day’ in partnership with Sport and Beyond, we want to ask you about your own coaching confidence.  Is confidence an issue for you and do you feel you need to improve it?

We want to see an increase in the number of female coaches at all levels. And coaches have told us, one of the main factors holding them back is confidence.  The cornerstone to improving confidence is self-awareness. ‘Before you can be someone you need to know who you are’.  So this week, we are asking you a few questions on this topic…


Have you ever doubted your ability to make crucial coaching decisions?

Have you turned down the offer of attending coaching workshops because you didn’t think you were ready?

Does being one of the few female coaches in your sport make being confidence that little bit harder?

Have you missed applying for that dream job because you were unconfident about your application?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions…we want to know and we want to know how an improvement in that confidence would help you be a better coaches for your athletes and players.

So…don’t be shy…share your thoughts with us either on social media or anonymously below in the comment boxes!

For more information about our Confidence Training Day, please click here





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