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FCN and the Johan Cruyff Institute (Amsterdam) join forces to support female coaches

The FCN is excited?to announce their collaboration with the

Johan Cruyff Institute, Amsterdam. ?

This collaboration will allow both organisations to increase their support for female coaches globally, offering a variety of coach education programs including the Master in Coaching, webinars, conferences and workshops.

The aim of the collaboration is to raise awareness of female coaches within the Netherlands and create a unique community of female coaches globally who can connect, share and develop their coaching experiences and knowledge. Through the collaboration, there will be a number of innovative networking and development opportunities in the form of webinars, conferences and events within the Netherlands.

The first educational program organised by both organisations will be a webinar about ?Performance under Pressure?. Professor and manager of the institute, Henk Verschuur, will be sharing his knowledge about this topic. Although the collaboration is focused on female coaches, everyone who is interested in this subject is welcome to subscribe. The webinar will be held on Wednesday 20th September at 20:00 GMT ?More information about the webinar will be shared in the upcoming weeks.


?This is a really exciting step forward for the FCN. It not only raises the profile of our community within Europe, but it will also allow us to connect with more women who coach on the continent. ?

The success of female coaches within the Netherlands over the last 18 months has been astonishing, from Vera Pauw being nominated for FIFA Coach of the Year and Sarina Wiegmen taking the women?s national football team to their first European win, the future for female coaches in the Netherlands is really exciting. ?

We will be working closely with the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam to bring innovative learning experiences for women who coach and grow the community of female coaches to work towards our vision of a more diverse workforce across all levels, in all sports and all countries.?

Vicky Huyton – founder of the Female Coaching Network


The Johan Cruyff Institute, founded by the football legend Johan Cruyff himself who sadly passed away in March 2016, is an institute passionate in educating the next generation of sports leaders, coaches and organisations.

With over 7,000 students around the world, the Johan Cruyff Institute provides its students with online, onsight and campus learning in programs such as Sport Management, Event Management, Sponsorship, Coaching and Football Business.


??Over the years a lot of very talented female coaches have studied at our Institute. It feels like a privilege to share our Cruyffian insights and knowledge on the various essential elements of coaching. Johan always said ?you can only see it, when you get it?.?

Henk Verschuur – Professor and Manager of JCI (Amsterdam)


More information about the Johan Cruyff Organisation can be found at:?

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