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WEBINAR: New webinar delivered in partnership with the Johan Cruyff Institute – Performing under Pressure


To celebrate our collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Institute (Amsterdam) offering more support and educational opportunities for female coaches around the World, we are delivering an exclusive FREE coaching webinar to male and female coaches on Wednesday 20th September 2017, 20:00BST?


Webinar: Performance Under Pressure

Coaches and teams are under constant pressure to deliver high-quality performances on a continuous basis. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that each team member can maximise their performance under this pressure. The ability to manage Performance Under Pressure is consequently an essential skill for every successful coach. To deal with this, a number of key questions arise, such as: How do coaches manage this pressure? and How do coaches protect their athletes from this pressure?

To manage this, we believe it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of pressure. What is pressure? And where does it come from? The answers to these questions are different for everyone; and this is what Cruyff education is all about. In essence, we uncover the ways in which participants/ students answer these questions, and with this understanding we plan to get this pressure under control.



Presenter: Henk Verschuur

Henk has been connected to the Johan Cruyff Institute for many years. Originally as professor Strategic Management and coach and recently as Manager and Academic Director. His roots lie in top sports and classical Japanese martial arts in addition to the completed studies in Strategy and Human Movement Science that he has followed in Japan. He also has a number of high management positions in international sport, but he started as an athlete, followed by international positions as a coach.


Watch LIVE! Start Time: 20:00pm GMT +1





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