Everyone has the ability to be confident! My thoughts on the Confidence and Coaching Day with the FCN



Everyone has the ability to be confident, and the ‘Embedding Confidence in your Coaching’ was a excellent conference put on by the FCN and Sport and Beyond. This conference not only let me understand my confidence and personality, but how I can positively interact with others by understanding their unique character. Going forward I can now apply my deeper understanding to all aspects of my coaching and teaching.

Also, the conference was a great opportunity to hear successful female athletes (Gail Emms, Karen Brown, Lois Fidler, Annie Vernon) discuss the impact confidence has had on themselves in performing and in their coaching. The overall sensuous from the panel, was that confidence can be ambiguous, but belief was a suitable word to describe your specific confidence.

Sport and beyond, provided a platform that kept the mind engaged to help support the apply of the theory.

Overall, it was a great day to learn more about confidence, network and listen to experienced elite athletes and coaches.”



Emma Harvey , BA Hons
Senior Activity Instructor Super Camps
Canterbury Christ Church University, Student Teacher
CCCU Sports Lab, Coach Education Research Intern
CCCU Women’s Basketball President 2015/2016



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