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#womenswednesday -

Is there a ‘fine line’ between appropriate and inappropriate coaching behaviour?


This weeks #womenswednesday is a discussion into coaching behaviours and the sensitive subject of what is appropriate and inappropriate.

On Monday, we published a blog written by guest FCN Blogger ‘Coach W’ titled “What is the point of women leaders in sport if they are just going to be ‘yes’ people? ?which addressed the action of the FA since Mark Sampson’s sacking as Head Coach of the England Ladies football squad.

To read more about the sacking, please click HERE?

Mark has been accused of inappropriate behaviour with players whilst he was Head Coach at women’s team Bristol, before he was England Manager and back in August of this year, accused of bullying by England player Eliola Aluko.

In this blog, Coach W quotes Head of Women’s Football in England, Baroness Sue Campbell who states:

“There is a fine line between the role of the coach and the players in terms of how you conduct yourself with those players. ?It’s a tough line to understand if you have never been in coaching because clearly as a coach, one of the things you do is get close to your players to motivate them, you have to understand them as individuals and relate to them as individuals.”

For this weeks topic, we are not necessarily discussing the ins and outs of the Mark Sampson case specifically – because we do not know all of the facts…we are simply asking you if you think there is a fine line, or if its easy to keep the appropriate distance from your athletes?


Is there a ‘fine line’ between appropriate and inappropriate coaching behaviours?


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