How to Create A More Efficient Learning Environment: Tip 1




I have more than 10 years of teaching and coaching in various environments ranging from Pre-Kindergarten all the way to college.  So my youngest child I have ever taught was 3 and in PreK and my….most seasoned student in college was 63.  I must admit that I have quite a unique perspective on the learning environment and I have been able to create it in classrooms, locker rooms, basketball courts and meetings.  I found that certain tools help me in running businesses such as KBJ Academy and TRSS Mentoring as well as coaching players and teaching students of various ages.

Connect with each PERSON and Create a Sense of Belonging: 

I love the quote “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” by Theodore Roosevelt.  As I am on a quest to create a learning environment I want each person to belong and know that they matter to me. I try to get to know their names, immediate family and something unique about them that they love.  Another way to connect is:


Watch Out For Tip 2, coming soon…


Bio: Brenita Jackson has coached women’s college basketball for 8 years improving the culture at each school she worked for.  She started playing basketball at Cedar Hill High School in Texas,USA and went on to play professionally in Aarhus, Denmark.  She beganher coaching career while in Denmark leading the junior team to an undefeated season.  She currently holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University in Irvine, CA.

Brenita returned to her home Dallas, Texas to continue her passion for coaching young girls and inspiring others to develop and use their gifts.  She was recognized as 2011 Sportswoman of the Year by the Jacksonville Progress after winning the Region XIV Championship Runner Up Title along with developing the program’s first All American who’s jersey hung in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, TN.  In 2015 Brenita was voted the Region XIV Coach of the Year for a turnaround performance going from 3 to 23 wins in just her second season as head coach.

During her 8 years of coaching college basketball, 6 of them were with her husband Kevin Jackson who was a huge key to her success as a head coach.  The two were recognized by the Houston Chronicle as “Couple a winning team on and off San Jac court.”  The Jackson’s are known in the basketball community as coaches who care about their players, set high standards and teach life skills through the game of basketball.  They founded a company called KBJ Academy where they travel to schools, churches and businesses to host team bonding retreats or leadership workshops. They also consult with coaches on changing the culture at a new school they just joined or consult with players on how to pursue playing college sports. They have experiences that they love to share with all transparency so others can learn, grow and succeed.



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