Emma Doyle TEDx Talk: Unleashing Female Potential





Emma Doyle has been in performance tennis coaching for over 20 years, specializing in improving the knowledge, skills and behavior of both coaches and players around the world. She has coached on the junior and senior tours, been the junior Fed Cup Captain and been an Australian National Selector. This Tennis Australia High Performance qualified (USPTA Elite & PTR Performance) coach is passionate about language and how the communication between the player and coach is the key ingredient to successful performances. In addition to her impactful on and off court workshops, she specializes in mind set conditioning programs using NLP (Neuro-linguistic programing) methodologies to maximize performance for beginning players through to WTA tour players and coaches.


Emma is the director of ACE Coach which provides coach education to players, parents, clubs, schools and coaches around the world. She is a Tennis Australia lead learning facilitator for coach education courses and a talent development coach.


Emma’s mission is to empower more female players and coaches in all sports; aiming to inspire, improve and impact the communication, coordination and confidence of people around the world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


“Always remember that ‘coaching’ is not the sport, tennis is. Therefore find creative ways to help children learn and consequently fall in love with tennis and become lifelong advocates for our great sport.”



Find out more about Emma in our exclusive interview with her earlier this year: CLICK HERE




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