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BOOK REVIEW: Play Big by Jen Welter



Title: Play Big; Lessons in Being Limitless From The First Woman To Coach In The NFL


Author: Dr Jen Welter


Synopsis: When Jen Welter became a linebackers coach for the Arizona Cardinals in 2015, she was the first woman to ever break the glass sideline of the NFL. In Play Big, Welter reveals the grit that it took to be a trailblazer in the ultimate boys’ club.

Pre-NFL, Welter was an undersized, underestimated athlete who made sacrifice after sacrifice to achieve her football dreams–rising to the top of women’s football leagues and eventually daring to play against men twice her size. Play Big lays out how she succeeded despite the odds, through force of will and determination, revealing the wisdom Welter gained over countless setbacks and challenges. With vivid wit and candor, Play Big will coach you to do the same–whatever your obstacles might be–while translating Welter’s hard-earned advice for cultivating true perseverance and toughness.



FCN Founder Review:  This is an incredibly inspiring book that shows not only how tough elite sport can be, but also how with hard work, dedication and compassion, you, as a female coach, can achieve your dream of working in this environment.  Throughout the book, Jen is incredibly honest sharing her emotions and fears of working in the scary world of the NFL, whilst also sharing the lessons she learned along the way.  The book begins with a beautiful story of Jen’s first game in the NFL, how she trusted her instinct and stayed true to herself writing each of her players good luck notes and how she felt walking on to the pitch before the game to greet the also ‘world first’ of a female NFL referee.

I would recommend this book not only to seasoned coaches, but also girls who perhaps aspire to be in sports coaching, leadership or referring positions in the future.  Jen has show us that you can make it in men’s sport, or elite sport, by being yourself, being confident even if you don’t feel it and being passionate about what you do!



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