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FCN will be re-broadcasting a second LIVE webinar with Louise Capicotto – “Supporting Athletes With Eating Disorders”


Due to the demand of the first webinar “Supporting Athletes With Eating Disorder” our FCN Academy Coach Louise will be broadcasting a second showing LIVE on Wednesday 10th January 2018.


On December 7th 2017, Louise Capicotto, a BPS Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist in-training based at Loughborough University, England, delivered her incredibly honest and powerful presentation about eating disorders.  Using her in-depth academic knowledge on the subject, Louise also shared with the audience her incredible journey from having a severe eating disorder as a teenager, to her coping mechanisms and dealings as an adult.

Due to the importance of the topic and impact it had on the audience, we have asked Louise to present the same webinar again for those missed out – 20:00GMT 10th January 2018.

The webinar will involve a mixture of academic research with Louise own personal experience along with a Q&A session at the end.  To book your place, please email us at: 




“It was really helpful in understanding the conditions, gave really practical advice on how to support athletes, and helped me understand my own relationship with sport and exercise so much better! She is absolutely an incredible role model – so intelligent and brave!! “




“Very useful and a really thought provoking talk by Louise. I’m at the very start of my coaching journey ( I’m a newly qualified assistant coach) and I am very glad I chanced across this. I help with young athletes endurance training, with the athletes aged between 11-16, boys and girls so it was especially relevant. The prospect of being able to spot and intervene in a timely manner before issues spiral to the situation Louise found herself in is a good motivator to get skilled up on this.”

Please note that this webinar is independent of any sports federations or governing bodies



About the Webinar

Athletes, especially at the elite level, would be viewed by most of the general population as ‘healthy’.  However the eating behaviours of some athletes may be associated with harm (disordered eating) or may even be part of a clinical condition, such as anorexia or bulimia nervosa (eating disorders). Whilst most athletes follow a training regime accompanied by a diet that supports health and performance, some will struggle with their eating behaviours, weight and self-esteem which may be exacerbated during certain times of the year, including the Christmas period.


This webinar aims to help sports professionals, specifically coaches, working with athletes of all ages and abilities to detect possible eating problems at an early stage:


Why are eating disorders a problem in sport?

What are the signs and symptoms of eating disorders?

How can we monitor eating behaviours?

How can coaches contribute to reducing the eating disorder risk?

How can coaches support athletes who are currently experiencing eating problems?




About the Presenter – Louise Capicotto 


Louise is a BPS Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist in-training based at Loughborough University and is an Academy Coach at the Female Coaching Network. She has conducted research into the support of athletes with disordered eating and has personal experience of eating disorders spanning over a decade during her time competing as an athlete within track and field (throwing events) and powerlifting. Finally, Louise is an ambassador for the UK-based eating disorder charity ‘Beat’.



How To Access the Webinar:

1. Email us at letting us know you want to join us on the 10th January 2018, 20:00GMT

2. Make the small payment of £5 to our PayPal donation page and your unique webinar access code will be sent to you a few days before the webinar.

3. Tune in on Wednesday 10th January 2018, 20:00 from the comfort of your own home, car or coaching office!




For those wanting to access the webinar on a cell phone or tablet device, you must download the FREE APP:




  1. Kate Krzywiec


    I have applied to listen to the webinar on eating disorders in athletes, how do I get the app.

  2. Louise Capicotto


    Hi Kate, that is great! 🙂 The app is called “Click Meeting” and is available for download for both Android and iOS. Hope this helps! Louise x

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