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Women On Track – Christine Bowmaker




Christine, a former sprinter, has coached in some capacity since she was 16 and has always had the passion and will give back to a sport that has given her so much.  Being raised in children’s homes and Foster families was a challenging journey for a youngster, but athletics gave her a lifeline.

Christine began ‘serious’ coaching when she was 4 months pregnant with her first child and joined a group named KALM, where Lloyd Cowan was one of the Head Coaches.  The plan was to only coach for 5 months, but Lloyd had other plans for her.  Among that stable of athletes were Andy Turner, Simone Williamson, Christine Ohurugu, Anniyka Onuora, Sarah Clayton to name but a few.  This was a massive learning curve for Christine and in the first year there was a Commonwealth Games Goldm then a World Championship Gold, then Olympic Gold.

After 5 years, Christine set up her own squad to develop more as a coach, and worked with Eugene Ayanful and James McClean, followed by Asha Phillip, Jodie Williams and Corrine Humphreys.

Christine now works with a number of talented young athletes aged between 9-17 years, based at Lea Valley, London.  Christine believes that ‘coaching is not about putting my name up insights for people to worship me.  Coaching is about developing whole athletes on and off the track.  It is about instilling a belief that nothing is insurmountable.  It takes a plan, vision, focus and a belief in your own ability and sheer determination.


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