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#CommonwealthGames; Rugby Sevens – 16% female coaches


This years Commonwealth Games see?s 15 female coaches amongst the total number of 95 staff across both men?s and women?s games ? thats a percentage of 16%.


Kenya -?Camilyne OYUAYO

Jamaica -?Cherine RICHARDS

Papua New Guinea – Damaris MINIKULA

England – Hannah JOHN

Papua New Guinea -?Hendriella VILOSI

Fiji -?Jennifer KHALIK

England -?Katie JAMES

England -?Lucy PACKER

Canada -?Meaghan HOWAT

South Africa -?Michelle ENGLISH

New Zealand -?Nelly STRICKLAND

Fiji -?Salote RAMABUKE

England -?Sara DAVIES

England -?Sarah RONALD

New Zealand -?Victoria GRANT



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