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FCN & Leeds Beckett University -

Join us in conducting the World?s first in-depth research into the real working conditions of coaches around the Globe


Join us in conducting the World?s first in-depth research into the real working conditions of coaches around the Globe.

We have teamed up with world renowned University Leeds Beckett to conduct research into the Occupational Well-Being of Coaches. ?

Whether you are a brand new volunteer coaching an hour a week, or you are an elite performance coach working towards the next Olympic Games, this research needs your views and experiences.

It?s about time that the sporting world listened, that our anecdotal stories and experiences were listened to properly and that governing bodies, administrators and officials were forced to take this seriously.

This research could change the face of coaching forever – but we need your help.

We are looking to gather hundreds, if not thousands of coaches to complete this incredibly important survey so that we can put together an official, ground breaking report into the true reality of our coaching conditions.

By filling out this survey, you will be part of the community of coaches who help to change current standards and working conditions for future generations.

In this day and age of social justice, this is our turn to have our say:

Join us







Dear Coach,?

Sport coaches, men and women, from all different social groups wanted for ground-breaking and important project. Your voice counts!

The School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University (LBU) in partnership with the Female Coaching Network (FCN) invite you, as a sport coach, to participate in an important international study examining occupational well-being for?coaches. The team of researchers at the University, working with the FCN, are committed to representing?coaches’ perspectives of their sporting experiences. This email is to tell you a little more about the project, and invite your participation.

The project is being?led by Leeds Beckett University researchers, on behalf of the Female Coaching Network. We?work to enhance experiences of?sport and coaching for all different individuals. The coaching profession should reflect the diverse sporting populations that it serves, but?some particular social groups?are presently underrepresented.?Therefore, this study aims to collect more information on how?different groups of male and female coaches experience their profession and working within their clubs and organisations within the country they live and work. Your participation in this study is vital. This is a ground-breaking and innovative study being led by the University and the findings will be utilised by both LBU?and the FCN to work alongside sports organisations, governing bodies, and agencies with a remit to improve coach education, development and practice provision.

All information provided will be kept strictly confidential, and you will not be identified in any subsequent findings. If you would like to contribute to the project, please complete this online survey which will only take 20 minutes. If you would like more information regarding the study, you can either find this at the start of the survey or you can e-mail one of us using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this invitation.

Please also feel free to send this to other sport coaches?who you feel would be interested to participate.

We look forward to your participation in the study and thank you for taking time to complete the survey.

Kind Regards,
Dr Leanne Norman
Project coordinator, Carnegie School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University
Tel: 0113 8123533

Vicky Huyton
FCN Founder and Coach




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