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FTEC – Why did you decide to take part in this years FTEC?



Now you have met the fighters, find out what their motivation behind their fight of a lifetime is as we asked them: ?Why did you decide to take part in this years FTEC??




Alison Turnbull

I?have attended many of FTEC?s events over the past few years as my employer is one of the key sponsors.? I?ve watched colleagues go through the process including my current boss who fought in 2014.? 2 years ago I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer ? it was very sudden and unexpected and really threw us all for a loop.? It?s such a feeling of hopelessness so I decided I had to fight back and do something to combat this brutal disease.











Dawn Millar

When my dad passed away, everything happened so quickly.? His diagnosis and passing – it was a whirlwind.? I was pregnant with my first child at the time and all of a sudden my world was turned upside down and I was the person who was in charge of dealing with everything.? I was so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, I never got the chance to come to terms with my dad being gone, to truly grieve him.? Being given the opportunity to participate in the Fight to End Cancer means, to me, a second chance at this.? It is an opportunity to be in control, fight back and actually do something about this horrible disease that destroys too many lives.









Christina Vatsis


I decided to do FTEC because I have lost many people to cancer including my father. This avenue was a way for me to fight back. My goal was to raise money and awareness for cancer research with hopes that one day it will no longer exist.












Heather MacDonald


A former fighter told me about the event after I shared my story with him. The next day he emailed me a link to Paige Cunningham?s fight.

I replied saying he was ?f***ing crazy?

I thanked him for having the faith that I could do something like that but respectfully declined. He was very persistent for several months and somehow I ended up at the tryouts ?just to see what it was like?

After meeting the Kingsway family and learning more about what FTEC really was. It seemed so much bigger than me, terrifying and well.. crazy.

But I wanted a challenge. And more importantly, I wanted to help make a difference.








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