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FTEC; What has kept you motivated throughout the difficult training? Have there been times of doubt?




What has kept you motivated throughout the difficult training? Have there been times of doubt?




Alison Turnbull

I think going through this with such an amazing group of people is the main reason I’ve managed to get through it.  The entire fight team is the best bunch of people that have now become family (yes, even my opponent!).  We have amazing coaches and all of the regular fighters at the gym have sacrificed a ton of their regular training to help get us up to speed.  There have been MANY moments of doubt, I’d say the entire month of February was one big moment of doubt.  I shed many, many tears at the gym in the early days.











Dawn Millar

I don’t think there have been any times of doubt.  That said, last week I did have a little breakdown, a “bad day”.  Mentally I wasn’t there, wasn’t “in it”.  I couldn’t seem to shake it off and I wanted to be pretty much anywhere but in that ring at that time.  I ended up bailing and walking out.  Virgil took me outside and we did a lap around the building.  I was upset at something that had nothing to do with me being in that ring, but it was mentally weighing on me and I couldn’t seem to get it together.  I shed some tears, Virgil gave me a little pep/get your sh*t together talk and asked me to get back in the ring.  I wanted to go home and just forget that day ever happened and pretend tomorrowwas a new day.  But I didn’t, I shook it off and got back in the ring.  I realized that my loved ones and literally everyone who has had to come face to face with cancer – they couldn’t just bail and walk away.  They had no choice but to deal with it.

Motivation?  The fact that I am going to get up in front of hundreds of people and take part in a boxing match, something I have never done before, has definitely kept me motivated through training!    









Christina Vatsis


My dads memory has kept me motivated throughout all of this. I have faced many challenges along the way and wanted to walk away more than once. The training itself is intense, especially for somebody who has never been in a boxing ring and along with that comes the emotions and feelings as to why you are in that ring. It’s an extremely emotional experience but I guess that’s the reality of cancer and that is why so much pain is attached to it. So every time I felt anxious or overwhelmed I would just think of him and know he would be encouraging me to continue and telling me not to quit. If he were here today he would be my biggest fan, as I was his!












Heather MacDonald


My Dad.

At any moment I have had doubt I remind myself who I am doing this for and more importantly why I am doing this.










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