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FTEC; What are you most looking forward to on the evening?




What are you most looking forward to on the evening?




Alison Turnbull

I think just the relief of it all being over!  So many people have been so supportive that it’s very overwhelming.  The pressure leading up to the actual fight is crazy, so I’m sure that once it’s over it will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.  I have just under 40 people coming to cheer me on so win or lose, it will be a heck of a celebration. 











Dawn Millar

I am most looking forward to when my fight is over – and what will I feel like at that very moment.  I’m sure there will be a huge sense of relief.  But what else?  Accomplishment? Amazement?  Joy?  Sadness?  I honestly don’t know what emotions will come at that time – but I think that is the moment I am waiting for/working towards









Christina Vatsis


I’m looking forward to finishing my fight and seeing this through to the end. Whether I win or lose on Fight Night I did what I planned to do; I raised money and awareness for cancer research in hopes that one day we can be done with cancer for good. I wish for noone else to have to go through the pain and suffering of watching their loved ones battle through this terrible disease.












Heather MacDonald


The energy of the evening. The nerves. The thrill of what I’m doing. And the feeling of satisfaction for what we have all accomplished.










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